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Jangid Group the seed of knowledge long time back and it started forming the shape of time and slated preaching its branches to various places like Mumbai, Nasik, Akhnoor, Jodhpur and Beawar.

Exploration of the classroom confined education has been set on its track. Children are the architect of future. Their boundless energies need to be supervised and moulded in the right direction with the highest efforts ever made. I think this glorious task can be best executed by the teachers, who are at the helm steering the ship of the pupils’ destiny towards a commendable zenith. Besides imparting quality education, an empathetic approach is also our tradition.

My heart fills with pride and immense pleasure when I see my pupils procuring quality education and becoming creative, innovative as well as the real citizens of 21st century through the utmost skills.

I take this occasion to congratulate the Principal, staff, students and parents for their strong sense of commitment, service and responsibility that has transformed this institution into an outstanding and significant temple of learning today, as I have myself witnessed this spirit among you. Now at this landmark of completing 21 years of love and service to all, I wish you God`s abundant blessing for manifold successes in the years to come.

My heartfelt wishes are always with my worthy scholar pupils. May God Almighty, shower all the blessings of heaven upon them.

About PRJ Gyanjaya

As the name ‘Gurukul’ suggests intense day boarding tuition for suggested students are available to improve their studies apart from their daily classes under the suppression of Chairperson imitators and hard working mentors.

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