We are working on 7D’s


Through various strategies like formation and summative assessments, Oral Tests, Home Works, Assignments, debates, revision tests, and deli day activities etc. teachers are regularly assessing the academic progress in the child. School is whole heartedly appreciating every time the innovation and talented student’s achievements standard X is showing 100 % achievement in the board exams.


P.D. falls into two categories fine & cross motor. Under fine motor skills me teach kids are trained how to truest there hand, finger, tongue, lips etc. to speak and write School provide an environment to develop child’s gross motor skills through no of sports activities


Defend creative noticing happens in school including

  • Workshops
  • Rangoli, Rakhi making, mask making, card making etc.
  • Celebrations of mother’s Day, Exhibitions projects, Annual Day etc.
  • Competitions inducing speech, drawing recitation, skit performances etc. is held among all classes.


To compete with the modern would wee PRJ is tirelessly working with every child to enforce their mental ability, smart classes are arranged in class rooms. Thus students can explore a variety of living experience than abstract and age old ways of teaching leaving process.


PRJ is providing

  • Value education (subject)
  • Moral Education
  • All students’ admission without caste/ region barriers.
  • Study tours to various fields.
  • like historical religious places
  • school picnic to imbibe the calve of sharing and caring